Services for Agribusiness

Agribusiness is inextricably linked to the land. Improper clearance of land can lead not only to significant financial losses, but also to more serious problems, ranging from lease-breaking to even criminal prosecution (Articles 197, 238 and 239 of the Criminal Code).

That's why land documentation and registration must be approached very carefully and responsibly. The stipulations of the lease, the registration of documents in the cadastre (zemel’nyi kadastr) and the land rights registry (reestr prav) – the procedures are complex. It is necessary to know the requirements of the law as well as customary practices. Additionally, one needs to anticipate the possible effects of the introduction of the land market and other state reforms, as leases are not merely for one year.

The experts at the Land Union of Ukraine have broad experience in the preparation of documentation for registration of land leases, superficies, and other permits pertaining to the use of agricultural land. We can also conduct an audit of land tracts companies before their purchase, assess risks, and form large tracts of land by organizing the leases and accompanying registration necessary for the use of state and communal property.

Our experts will protect agricultural enterprises and farmers in court, represent their interests in state and municipal bodies, develop legally sound operation schemes, and provide thorough written explanations of the practice of land legislation of Ukraine.