Activities related to the registration of land in Ukraine, is a specific sector which requires a thorough knowledge of the volume and controversial land laws. In addition, you need a hands-on (replay, see below - the practice of) experience, practice and knowledge of the regional characteristics of the different procedures.

Feature and advantage of the Land Union of Ukraine is the fact that we only deal with the land. Since 2004, we have focused on the study of all aspects of the land law, its practical implementation, implementation of land management and services. Many of our experts are dedicated to land relationships all theirs life and for more than 20 years working in government agencies, academic institutions, and now apply their experience and knowledge in the business.

We not only know how it should be according to the law, but also to do it in practice, and we know how it was done before.
We know the current practice and the practice of the past. We know how to be "under the law", and participate in the development and improvement of these laws. We - in the center of the land areas of Ukraine!