Purchase and sale of land

Due to political manipulation and lack of professional skills of some of the media there is a perception that the land market in Ukraine is absent and cause of the moratorium virtually all commercial transactions with land in our country are prohibited. It is not so. Of all the 25 million land just less than 7,000,000 are subject to the moratorium. And the rest can be bought and sold, be made to the statutory fund and serve as collateral in the bank. Of course, given the restrictions imposed by applicable law.

The market capitalization of land in Ukraine, which are in circulation exceeds the capitalization of all industrial enterprises. And despite the fact that land prices have dropped significantly, and the market activity declined in the corporate sector into various transactions with land plots are regularly held and require appropriate support and security.

Experts of Land Union of Ukraine will help you to register your land, to prepare it for the transaction, to find a buyer or a seller, check the purity of the land to assess and reduce the risks and carry out all operations within the framework of existing legislation. We can also advise you how to improve the liquidity of a particular put and take the necessary actions to do so.