Legal advice on land issues

Entrepreneur or a company that plans to use the land for business in Ukraine should wait for a number of common problems - from place selection to the paperwork. Consultation on land issues by professionals of this sphere will help to significantly reduce your time and money, and more importantly - to reduce the risks that are virtually inevitable in the case of independent research of decision.

Ukrainian land legislation today has more than 500 regulatory decree and 53 acts and laws, which, moreover, are constantly changing - come into force or repealed without mention the established practice, which, unfortunately, is not always consistent with the laws...

After examining the output of your situation, an expert of Land Union of Ukraine can quickly give you

Answers to questions:

Seek the advice of our lawyer on the land right! The minimum loss of time and moderate financial cost - and you already know the direction, which should act! If our consultant will not be able to answer your question, we will refund 100% money that you paid for.

For consultation:

1. Call +38 044 384 08 66 or +38 044 384 08 68 . Or send an e-mail message with a brief description of the situation, indicate the specific questions that need an answer, attach documents that are related to your question (optional) and leave your contact information.

2. Pay the cost of consultations, which will be communicated to a specialist by phone or e-mail, and then our land experts will sent report to you.