Land transfer and re-registration

After the conclusion of land transactions, be they through purchase or sale, gift, exchange, contribution to the authorized capital of the company, or inheritance, documents confirming the rights to the land must be issued to the new owner and registered with the state.

Such work is best left to professionals, especially as the practice of registering of land shares and securing rights to them may differ throughout the regions of Ukraine. There are many nuances and potential stumbling blocks.

For example, consider a transaction between parties that took place before January 1, 2013. If the land was not properly and completely transferred to the new owner prior to the introduction of current legislation, additional actions might be required to bring the registration documents into compliance with the Registry of Land Rights (reestr prav). There may also be problems with the registration of land in the cadastre itself; for example, plots might appear to overlap with each other, or the required cadastral number might be missing. Keep in mind that transfer of ownership occurs only at the moment of state registration, and not when the parties have completed their own transaction. Thus, trade between private individuals, without proper documentation or registration, has great risks.