Preparation of lease contracts and land management services

In carrying out surveying work in Ukraine the customer concludes with a licensed contracting company agreement, which set the timing and sequencing of work.

In some cases - particularly when dealing with state and municipal organizations - it is required the preparation of construction documents. Moreover, such work should be done very well, in compliance with all regulatory requirements. If an estimate is made up of violations or calculation will be incorrect, the consequences can be very negative. For example, a developer documentation can not take into account some of the cost items and, accordingly, the amount allocated for the execution of work, will be insufficient and the company will incur a loss or is unable to perform the work. On the other hand, public bodies, such as finance inspection and prosecutor might be interested in the validity of payments from the budget, and then each amount must be justified by certain documents and regulations.

The experts of the Land Union of Ukraine have great experience in the development of cost estimates, including land management in public institutions, development organizations. Also we have experience in protecting the documentation before regulatory bodies and in court. We can not only develop a budget from scratch, but also to make an examination of documentation developed by third parties.