Land disputes. Their decision by the court

Land disputes - a common situation in the business practices of Ukraine. So be prepared to defend your land rights through the courts.

The reasons for this are as follows:

Even if you have a lot of experience in handling litigation or you are using the services of experienced lawyers, it is extremely difficult to defend its position in the land sector without surveyors and land experts - you have to take into account the large amount of legislation on land issues (53 of the act and more than 500 regulations acts) and practice their application, which, incidentally, can be different even in different parts of the same region. (!)

In a difficult situation, our land lawyer will help you!

The jurisprudence of the Land Union of Ukraine on land disputes - is vast. At your service - lawyers specializing in land law, and certified experts.

As part of providing services to resolve legal disputes Land Union of Ukraine will:

To obtain service, you need:

1. Call at +38 044 384 08 66 or +38 044 384 08 68 and tell us about your problem to the experts of the Association or to schedule an appointment. You can also send an e-mail with a brief description of the issue, contact information and the time when you want specialist of Association call you

2. Volume of services required and payment is determined individually in each case.