Land Audit

Ukraine - as the state guarantees every citizen of Ukraine the right to get free land different purpose. The limit of the land area that is free to privatize established by the legislation of Ukraine and it is:

a) for farming - in the amount of land (share) defined for the members of agricultural enterprises located on the territory of the village, town or city council, where the farm

b) for subsidiary farming - not more than 2.0 hectares c) for gardening - no more than 0.12 hectares

g) for the construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings in the villages - no more than 0.25 hectares in the villages - no more than 0.15 hectares in urban areas - not more than 0.10 hectares

e) for an individual country construction - no more than 0.10 hectares

f) for the construction of private garages - no more than 0.01 hectare (Article 121 of the Land Code of Ukraine) At the same time, the process of free privatization of land in Ukraine rather complicated.

And, to exercise their right to free privatization, citizens often have to deal with a variety of treatments: the need to develop land documents, its coordination and approval, with the registration of land in the State Land Cadastre and the pre-registration of municipal or state ownership of the land and so on. Before starting the process of privatization you must to choose free land and the purpose with which you want to use it. This should be a land of state or municipal property, which no one has passed into private ownership.