Expert monetary value of land

Expert assessment of land involves determining the market value of the land, or the market value of the right to lease the land or the fair value of the right of permanent use.

It is used at the conclusion of the civil-legal acts (the contract of sale of land, mortgage, etc.), purchase of land (including for public use), if introduced into the statutory fund, to be reflected in the accounting records.

Our professionals have the appropriate qualifications and experience to with adequate pricing and quality within a reasonable time, perform expert evaluation of any complexity.

It is no secret that in recent years often conclusion about the cost of land has become a document in which the appraiser reflects primarily the wishes of the customer and not answers the question, what the market price of the land is. Keep in mind that poorly or unprofessionally expert evaluation - the easiest way to have problems, until the invalidation of the transaction.

Perhaps you have some questions to the quality of the already completed assessment or expert money to the professionalism of its performers? These questions can be answered by reviewing the procedures. If the result is negative, it may still be too late to take corrective action.