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Businesses operating in Ukraine are often forced to turn to the state or municipal authorities for the registration of all kinds of land records. For example:


(A list of the most common types of documents)
- agreements
- permits
- certificates
- extracts


However, the applicant is often faced with the violation of his legal rights, illegal actions of officials, delaying the timing of consideration, ignoring the requirements of the law, corruption risks.


The main reasons for this situation:


- Lack of awareness of business representatives in the field of land legislation
- A vast and controversial legislation with high dynamics adoption of new laws
- Lack of experience and knowledge of current practice
- Abuse of employees of state and municipal authorities


Furthermore, difficulties may arise concerning:


- The need to work in a region where there is no representative of your company,
- Reach a large number of regions in a short time
- Lack of specialist skills required
- Various procedures for handling documents in different regions.


In such a situation, experts of the Land Union of Ukraine and its regional offices will help you!
We have more than 8 years of experience, thoroughly know the land legislation of Ukraine and the practice of its application. Regional offices take into account "local circumstances" of the necessary procedures and use tried and tested communications.

We can simultaneously perform the required number of works in different regions with high quality and controlled by the best experts from Kyiv.



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