Division and combination of land

When you division or combination of land you must to make land documents, get new documents confirming rights to land and to their state registration. Sometimes a situation may arise that requires a merge or split land. For example, when a person wishes to sell only a part of land that belongs to him as property, or when it is necessary to implement section of land. Partition of land is also subject to the allocation of parts of the ownership of the land, which is owned by more than one person on the right of partial ownership.

Division of land is carried out on the basis of the relevant land documents by registering the newly created land in the State Land Cadastre and registration of rights to a new separate plot of land. Also at the request of the owner can be combination of lands. This is possible if a person becomes the owner of the adjacent land and wants to unite them. These lands must have a common border and to be the same purpose. Please note that, when combined, or section of land on the newly created land transfer substantially all the encumbrances and restrictions that existed earlier and earlier touched land.

You also need to take into account the many nuances of division and combination of land. For example, the new plot of land should not be less than a certain value, which is set by the local council or may be wearing a "secret character". Otherwise, such an operation can not be completed successfully or have to spend a lot of effort to defend their interests in court. You also need to consider the presence of easements, protective zones, architectural constraints, the availability of third-party rights, old land documents, which was developed with the formation of the land. Incorrectly chosen strategy or ignore such details may result in significant financial loss or litigation. This is why it is advisable to order such work professionals with a broad practice.