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Legal entities and individuals that handle 100 or more hectares of land in Ukraine, are required to develop and approve projects renewal of a crop rotation.

Failure to do so threatens heavy fines and other sanctions.

Agricultural land for conducting a commodity agricultural production are used in accordance with the established and duly approved land management projects that provide ecological and economic assessment of crop rotation and ordering of land and provide for measures to protect the land.

Code of Administrative Offences establishes responsibility for the deviation from the duly approved land development projects, and the use of agricultural land without approved land development projects.

Having developed the project you:

- protect themselves from systematic penalties, which currently provides up to 8600 UAH.
- it is possible to provide production facilities, which frees you from the need to develop technical documentation
- gives you the benefits upon termination of the lease on the initiative of the lessor or other disputes.

Also projects rotation allows you to:

• provide effective management of agricultural production;
• to ensure the rational use of land, to preserve the qualitative state of the soil and in the short term will allow to count on stable yields;
• to increase the resistance of plants to disease naturally.